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Users & Access Rights


We provide the ability to create multiple users for an account. Access rights can be limited for each of those users. In addition, we also offer an Authorization feature wherein multiple users must approve administration or funding requests. Users may be created and Access Rights assigned through the Account Administration/User Access Rights menu item of Account Management.

For those using Account Management Version 2.0

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User Access Rights

User Access Rights are organized into five groups: Account Administration (AA), Funds Management (FM), Report Management (RM), Trading Access (TA), User Management (UM), and are described in detail in the tabs at the top. In addition, for account structures with multiple users and client accounts, limited access may be given to a subset of User Access Rights or Accounts. For example, you might want to give User A the ability to only trade, while you give User B only the ability to look at account statements. User C might only be able to trade client accounts 1-5, while User D can trade client accounts 6-10.

User Rules and Limitations

The following rules and limitations apply to the creation of users:

  • Up to two usernames may be created for the same person.
  • For individual accounts (individual, joint, and IRA accounts), up to 15 persons may be added with a Power of Attorney which will be provided when adding users to an individual account.
  • Individual Advisors may not add any persons other than themselves (they can have two usernames for themselves).
  • Joint Accounts may add two usernames for each account holder.
  • Trust accounts may add up to two usernames for each trustee.
  • Organizations may add up to 50 users, including employees and non-employees.