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A partnership between IB and college and high school educators to use our Paper Trading accounts for free in financial, computer science, business and other applicable classes.

IB Student Trading Lab

Students using IB’s Paper Trading account during the course of the academic year can work on financial technology or investment strategies assignments and projects, and will gain an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the U.S. financial markets as well as forex trading.

Paper Trading accounts allow student traders to use the full range of IB trading facilities in a simulated environment:

  • Use powerful features such as order types and algos in different trading platforms - without risk.
  • Learn market dynamics covering exchanges and new products.
  • Simulate and test their own trading strategies.
  • Program trading applications and test them through the TWS Application Program Interface (APIs).
  • Run various statements and reports to manage and evaluate their account portfolio.
  • Our Trader Workstation provides students with the ability to trade forex and US stocks, options, and bonds in a simulated account using real time-market data and offers a safe environment to apply trading strategies while learning how to improve risk-management skills.
  • All students will start with USD 1,000,000 of paper trading Equity with Loan Value, and this equity will reflect their trading activity as if the trades had executed in the real market.
  • Cash equity can be reset at any time through the student's Account Management.
  • This program is open to all college and high school professors within and outside the US, but requires the sponsoring instructor to apply for the student accounts and supervise the project within the guidelines of the lab.

Information for Educators

Application Process

IB now offers Paper Trading accounts that expire May 31, 2015. Please follow the steps below to open your account and then invite students to open their paper sub-accounts. You will be able to trade for your students when needed.

To open your account
  1. You must submit the initial IB Student Trading Lab registration form.
  2. IB will send a personalized email invitation to you with instructions on how to open an account.
  3. Once you have completed the process and received a confirmation email that your account is active, you can invite your students to open their own paper accounts.
To open student paper accounts
  1. Log into Account Management from the Login menu on our website to send invitations to your students to open a paper trading account.
    Alternatively, IB can send the invitations to all of your students. Click here to send us a list of all student emails.
  2. Students receiving the electronic invitation should follow the instructions to complete the registration form.
    Please emphasize to students that they must make note of their username and password during the registration process.

Trading Access

As noted above, your students will do their own trading, but you can also place trades when needed for any student account you supervise. You and your students can trade via different portals, all of which can be accessed with your IB username and password.

Trader Workstation

Available in browser-based or standalone versions, TWS is our most powerful, full-featured platform. It supports trading of multiple, global assets using over 60 order types and algos, and offers many sophisticated trading tools.

Learn More


A scaled-down, web-based trading platform with a simplified interface that may better serve the novice trader who generally trades a single instrument or uses more basic order types.

Learn More

Mobile Solutions

IB provides a family of mobile solutions that allows you to trade your IB account on the go from just about any mobile device.

Learn More

Products and Features

You and your students can trade most US options, stocks, bonds, and Forex products. Use most IB order types, and experiment with almost every aspect of the platform. Please see the Resource Center tab for links to reference and educational materials. Note that TWS provides full access while other portals may support limited product and order types.

Learn More About ProductsLearn More About Order Types

Application Program Interface

Traders can build their own add-on applications in Excel (using DDE or ActiveX), C#, C++, Posix C++, Java, or Visual Basic with our proprietary IB Application Program Interface (API). The API requires connectivity via TWS.

Learn More

Commissions, Margin and Trade Execution

IB standard commissions and margin rules apply (charged in paper trading equity). Trades entered into the paper trading account will not actually execute on any exchange or settle at a clearing house, but the executions price will be determined by real market prices and sizes.

Account Management

Manage your account and your students’ accounts in Account Management, which is accessible from the Login menu on our website using your IB username and password.

The following functions are available:

  • Account cash equity reset. All cash resets will appear on the user's statement. Only the professor can reset the cash equity in a student’s account.
  • Report management:
    • As a professor, you can view statements for your account, your students’ accounts, and a consolidated statement including some or all accounts.
    • Generate Activity Statements in HTML, PDF or Excel format. Statements can be daily or cover a custom range of dates.
    • Create Activity Flex Queries to build customized statements with specific fields, customizable field order and time period. The format is XML or TEXT (with three text separator options - Pipe, Comma or Tab)
    • Use Trade Confirms Flex Queries to build customized Trade Confirmation reports with specific fields, customizable field order, and time period. The format is XML or TEXT (with three text separator options - Pipe, Comma or Tab)

    For more information about reporting, click here to open our Reporting Guide.
  • Password change. Encourage students to record their username and password as this cannot be reset or retrieved by IB. You can change it in Account Management.


The following grid summarizes the feature availability.

  Professors accessing their own accounts Students accessing their own accounts Professors accessing students' accounts
TWS Yes Yes Yes
WebTrader Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Solutions Yes Yes Yes
API Yes Yes Yes
Statements Yes Yes Yes
Activity Flex Yes Yes Yes
Trade Confirms Flex Yes Yes Yes
Account Administration
Cash Equity Reset Yes No Yes
Password Change Yes Yes No

Account Expiration

Make a note of the date your account will expire so that you can archive your statements and other information before the account is closed.

Note: All requests are processed on a timely basis. If you do not receive a confirmation email or the invitation within a week of submitting your request, please ensure that your email can receive emails from us.

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If you have any questions about this program, or any issues with the application or Paper Trading account setup, email us at

Note: Please do not contact the IB Customer Service or the Technical Assistance Group as they do not support the Trading Lab.